Kyudo Association of Canada - Vancouver Dojo

The Vancouver Dojo was founded by Mike Nakatsu in 2003 to make good on a promise to Toda-sensei in Fukuoka to start a Kyudo club in Canada.  Using equipment donated by Toda-sensei, the club practiced at a variety of locations until finding a home thanks to the generous support of the Vancouver Japanese Language School.

In 2007, the Vancouver Dojo was brought under the wing the Georgia Kyudo Renmei.  Ed Symmes-sensei become our renmei president and sponsored seminars until Canada formed its own renmei in 2010. 

Through the generous help of the Vancouver Japanese Language School, KAC Vancouver is one of the only places in Canada where kyudo can be practiced at the full 28 meter distance. The dojo also has makiwara (close range) targets, gomuyumi (practice rubber bows), yumi (bows) and ya (arrows) available for members. 

Vancouver Japanese Language School

The Vancouver Dojo practices with the generous support of the Vancouver Japanese Langauge School (VJLS).

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Introduction to Kyudo course

The Introduction to Kyudo Course is designed to provide new students with a guide during their first steps into Kyudo. We require all prospective students with no prior Kyudo experience to complete this course before joining our regular class. In this course you will learn dojo safety, etiquette, and a brief history of Kyudo. You will then receive hands-on practice of shooting technique, basic movements and postures. Most of the course will be taught using a gomuyumi (rubber practice bow) and will concentrate on the fundamentals. If you successfully complete the course you will have a good grounding to be able to practice effectively and safely with the regular class.

Attendance is mandatory in order to successfully pass the course and join regular practice. This is both for to prepare you for regular practice and to ensure your safety and the safety of your fellow members.

Course Dates: Next course to be determined. 

Prerequisites: If you have not visited one of our classes yet, we require that you do so before the course begins. This is so you have an opportunity to see how practice is conducted and to confirm whether or not Kyudo is something you would like to do before you commit your time and effort. Kyudo takes a great deal of patience, especially in the early stages. You may drop in to any of our classes, please contact us prior to visiting

Registration: To register, please fill out this form (link required)

Location: Each class is held at the Vancouver Japanese Language School, please see above map for directions.  

Fees: The course fee is $170. It is payable prior to the first class and is non-refundable.